Our Story


Love at First Sight! is a puppy and kitten adoption center located right in the heart of Music City, Tennessee.  Since 1995 we have adopted over 8,500 pets to loving homes and families in Nashville while emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership.

Years ago, Nashville veterinarians, Dr. Craig Prior and Dr. Grif Haber, were tired of seeing so many stray and abandoned pets in the middle Tennessee area and chose to act on this issue.  So many dogs and cats every day are stranded, abandoned, or taken to a shelter because they are unable to be taken care of.  Love at First Sight! was opened in 1995 with the intention to spread awareness of this issue regarding pet overpopulation and both doctors used their platform to educate pet owners of the importance of spaying and neutering.  By placing an emphasis on establishing a plan for a lifetime of health and wellness for all of our adopted pets, Dr. Prior opened Love at First Sight! to be the #1 place to adopt healthy puppies and kittens in Nashville, Tennessee.

The majority of our pets are acquired from families throughout Tennessee who have had an unexpected litter as well as local animal shelters who we help assist with the overflow of puppy and kitten litters.

All of our puppies and kittens are carefully examined by the incredible veterinarians across the street at VCA Murphy Road Animal Hospital prior to being accepted for adoption.  Once they are accepted, they are vaccinated with all the necessary vaccines, treated for internal/ external parasites, bathed with medicated shampoos, fed, and loved until their forever owner arrives!

If you or someone you know has a pet with an unexpected litter, we are here to help! Give us a call and speak to one of our adoption specialists about ways we can assist.