Our Adoption Process


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1) The adoption process begins simply with a visit to our facility!  Each week, pets are added to our website as well as Facebook, Instagram (@lafspetadoption), and Snapchat (lafsadoption).  If you see a puppy or kitten that may be a good fit, we welcome you to stop by and visit your potential new family member!

2) Once you have visited our facility, you are welcome to fill out an application for adoption.  All applications must be filled out in our facility.  We want to make certain that every animal adopted goes to a loving home where it will be well cared for and because of this, our application will ask a number of questions necessary for our screening process.  You must be 21 years of age to adopt a pet.

3) Once your application has been approved we require that all household family members (when applicable) come and visit the animal as well.  If you have another dog or cat in your house, we also require a "play date" to assure that there will be no issues when introducing a new family member.

You must be 21+ to adopt a pet.

If you have puppies/ kittens you are needing to rehome....

...please email lafspetadoption@aol.com with a full description of the animal(s) including age, breed, parent info, medical records as well as photos of the animal(s).  We will do our best to accommodate the intake process.

Click to view our adoption pricing breakdown

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