Love at First Sight!
We strive to find responsible
pet owners that 
provide loving homes for our homeless puppies and kittens.

Since 1995 we have addressed the problem of pet overpopulation by careful adoption and the diligent promotion of responsible pet ownership through spaying and neutering.

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Healthy Puppies & Kittens Under 12 Weeks of Age

Are you looking for a healthy new puppy or kitten? 

Do you have a healthy puppy or kitten (or a whole litter) that needs a good home?  

If you have puppies or kittens to place, we can help you!  Please email information and photos, if possible, to:


Love at First Sight!  has been the choice of over 8,000 Nashville families for puppy adoption and kitten adoption.

We may just have the new family member that you have been looking 
for!  Look at Our Puppies and Our Kittens pages to see what adorable babies are available now. Stop by our squeaky-clean puppy and kitten nursery and fall in
Love at First Sight!                   

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